Our Campers Speak…


“There is a word that comes to my mind whenever the art of music-making is discussed: interpretation. It is what musicians must argue, fight, discuss, and debate about constantly. Yet who are we to decide for ourselves what composers really intended as they drew each and every note, conscious of every pitch, length, dynamic and articulation? The question of interpretation is what makes all music interesting.  But Chamber Music has that irresistible pull that few other musical settings have because there are so many opinions. The real challenge is in considering the opinions of the composer and of the members of the ensemble.  OPUS helps us solve this puzzle.

Max, Viola, 16, Attended 4-Times

 “I apply for the 2013 OPUS Chamber Music Camp because I love my previous experiences with the camp. The enriching camp gave me new insight every year I attended.  The environment is friendly because we all have a common passion – music!”

Karen, Violin, 14, Attended 3-Times

“The experience in 2012 was exciting. It was fun to meet a famous musician.  Also it was fun to perform in front of other people.  There was a lot of hard work going into the concert but it was also exciting.  I love making a video to explain how we see a classical piece and to show it to everyone else.  My favorite part was meeting new people and becoming and staying friends!”

Anais, Violin, 15, Attended 2-Times

“I was impressed with how much talent I was surrounded by each day.  The campers were all talented and kind people, as well as the faculty and teaching assistants.  I also enjoyed and appreciate how well organized each day was.  I was never bored during the day, there was always activity to do or a room open to practice in.”

Baylie, Cello, 17, Attended 2-Times

“I attended the camp last year. It was really great to be around kids who had as much of an interest in music as I do. I enjoyed the various classes and instruction sessions. The experience of working with an ensemble (well, a couple of ensembles) gave me a new view of music. I would like to participate in the camp again to gain more experience and learn even more.”

Alexander, Piano, 16, Attended 3-Times

“The upcoming year will be my 5th year in OPUS, and I wish to attend again mostly due to the fact that I absolutely love the workshops.  Last year’s video to music workshop was one of my favorites so far, and another favorite was the Arabian music workshop.  They provide exposure to something I’ve never seen or heard before, which expands my knowledge. Another thing that makes me want to come back is the fabulous OPUS community; whether it’s the other campers, the TAs, or the faculty; everyone makes the camp waht it is.”

Yasha, Violin, 17, Attended 5-Times

“My experience in OPUS was meaningful to me because I was given the opportunity to play music with people of varying backgrounds which helped me become a better leader. Overall, I feel that OPUS not only helped my musical skills grow, but it presented me with opportunities to allow me to become a better leader and a person as a whole. This is why I would like to attend OPUS once again this summer.”

Quinn, Clarinet, 14, Attended 3-Times

“At OPUS, I had a fantastic chamber music experience unlike any other. It’s rare that high school students branch out past a full orchestra experience, so OPUS was my first time with chamber music at a serious level. It opened my eyes to all of the different possibilities of music. Furthermore, my experience at OPUS further strengthened my love and passion for music.”

Molly, Bass, 18, Attended 2-Times

“When I had attended the OPUS camp in previous years, I’ve always had fun, which was important to be because it helped remind me why I like playing violin. Also, I always learn something new about music, whether it is a genre, a composer, or just general knowledge that I never seemed to remember to look up, but was all incredibly interesting. The people at OPUS, campers, faculty, and TAs, are very friendly and fun to work with and meet, as well. I appreciate this, as it helps me find my musical niche. In short, OPUS reminds me how music is such a meaningful and important part of my life.”

Eunice, Violin, 15, Attended 7-Times

“Everything about OPUS just makes me yearn to come back each year. The staff and the T.A.s are great. They helped me completely transform my playing. The camp is a good mix of serious practice and interesting workshops. The members of the Orion ensemble work so hard to make it both fun and beneficial to us. I also look forward to seeing my old OPUS friends and making new ones throughout the week. It’s great to see how much others have improved, both the individuals and the groups as a whole. I love OPUS so much, that every year after the final concert, I’m sad because I have to wait 51 weeks before the next camp.”

Addison, Clarinet, 12, Attended 4-Times